In our humble opinion, Yak is a very under rated meat.  Because it hasn't generally been available in the US, most consumers have not even heard of it, let alone had the chance to try it.  In our experience, most people do enjoy the meat, and it is not what they expect.  Yak is not gamey, and it stays juicy in the cooking process, despite being extremely lean with a very dense nutritional content.  If you like wild game, and grass fed meats, you will enjoy yak.

World reknowned strength trainer, Charles Polquin, at strengthsensei.com enjoys our products and has even posted video of his breakfast cooking technique with our Yak Burger.



You can also see for yourself the great reviews of Yak Burgers served by The Grubsteak Restaurant in Estes Park on Trip Advisor.

Responses from many of our customers include -

"Best Meat Ever!"  " Love it!"  "Much Better than I expected!" "We absolutely love your product and think Yak is delicious!"

If properly cooked, we think Yak compares very favorably with any other red meat in terms of flavor and nutritional content.  After eating grass fed meat, many people, myself included, can not easily stomach or like the taste of grain finished meat.  If you are dealing with health issues like food allergies, sensitivity to GMO products, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and other problems that lead to a need for a healthier diet - yet you still love a good burger or juicy steak - give Yak a try, you will be glad you did.









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