Ground Yak

Don't Buy Wild Game, until you try this! Half a Yak, only $1,750

  • 1,750.00
  • Save $ 35000

Get a great value by purchasing in bulk.  Get all of our cuts for a reasonable price.  Yak tastes great.  Yak has a sweet, clean flavor, not gamey, greasy or dry.  Yak's unique delicate flavor is most desirable to discerning, health-conscious palates.  Most all of our customers are very surprised with how good the flavor is.  The delicate flavor comes from its unique distribution of fatty acid percentages.  Yaks are extremely low in Palmitic Acids that are bad for our health (30% less than beef as a percentage of fats and 120% less than beef as a percentage of meat.)  Yak meat is also much lower in calories, saturated fats, cholesterol and triglycerides.  Simultaneously, Yak meat is also higher in stearic and oleic acids that are good for us.  This accounts for the one of a kind, great taste!  We think Yak compares very will with bison, elk, venison, and other wild game in terms of nutrition, cost and flavor.  Try it, you will be glad you did.

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